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Time for Knocktober on Real Radio!

Written by Dex. Posted in Media

Dexter Knocktober Real RadioKnock Knock? Who’s there? No – you said it wrong!

This month is going to be hectic so expect loads of updates, and if you’re looking for me, then you can check my twitter for clues. Knocktober is Real Radio Yorkshire’s new October. The breakfast show with Dixie and Gayle will send me out once a day during Knocktober to go knock on somebodies door. If that somebody answers the door “I listen to Real Radio” then I’ll just hand them £100. Yes, I kid you not.

I’ll be going all over Yorkshire, from Halifax to Sheffield, from Leeds to Bradford, Batley, Bingly, or Boothtown! If you’re in Yorkshire, you listen to Real Radio Breakfast, then you have a chance to win £100. So if you see me, my gilet or my side fringe at your door, make sure you say;

 ”I listen to Real Radio!”

All hashtag #knocktober related tweets can be found at the bottom of this site during Knocktober so if you’re looking for additional clues, you’re in the right place!



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